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About us

Khasto is an Indian-Dutch family company that has its roots in the 80’s. Khasto designs prints for nightwear, bedding and daywear, creating collections with local partners in India using traditional techniques for cotton, wool, silk and linen. Most products are made in India, some in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Nepal.

The Khasto team consists of Mileid Rahder, Gon Uppal, Julia Schaap, Carla de Vries, Hetty Oster, Charlotte Helsen and Rahul Uppal.

Through our ties with and residence in India, our relations with the people with whom we develop the products have grown strong over the decades. This enables us to ensure a fair trade and create a collection that has a thorough approach of the ecological effects of textiles manufacturing and trade. Read more about our views on our sustainability and fairtrade page.

The Cotton Cashmere

The emergence of the distinctive soft cotton collection of bedding and nightwear that we design and sell, known to customers as 'the cotton cashmere', is a history of intertwined traditions. In the 19th century, a Nepalese princess, Damber Kumari, lived temporarily in Benares, a holy city in India with a rich history in fabrics. During her stay, the bonds between her and the Indian art of blockprint on cotton, grew strong and lasting. She introduced and further developed this technique in her native country Nepal, and because of the colder Nepalese climate she attached two layers of fine thin cotton on either side of the printed cotton. The three layers appeared to regulate heat, made the garment breatheable, was soft and also appealing to the eye. The layers were so thin that the middle layer remained visible. The fabric was mainly used as a shawl. The name of this cloth is Damber Kumari Khasto ('khasto' means 'scarf' in Nepalese, for example there is also the Pashmina Khasto and Dhaka Khasto). In India, the three-layer scarf is known as 'dohar'. Towards the end of the previous century, an Indian friend of Gon Uppal gave her a Nepalese Damber Kumari Khasto as a gift. Gon, a devout admirer of fabrics, felt inspired. With her own prints and a fine cotton she designed a new collection of nightwear, kids & baby clothes, accessories, bedding and meditation clothes. Gradually, we and our customers have started referring to the 3-layer material as 'the cotton cashmere', because the cotton has a softness reminiscent of cashmere.

On the website we distinguish between The Cotton Cashmere collection (a permanent collection), and the yearly changing collection of summer clothes, the Seasonal Collection.