Khasto Baby Wrap Blanket

We have been calling it the Khasto baby wrap blanket for years. But these days there are so many variations available online and in stores. A wrap, nursery wrap or bath wrap all come down to the same thing. A comfortable soft cloth to wrap your baby in with a built-in hood. A perfect gift to welcome a newborn baby. The wrap is not only suitable to use after bathing but also as a curtain over the pram to protect your baby from the sun or as a sheet. There is also a big chance that the Khasto wrap becomes the favorite cuddle cloth for your baby.

Khasto - Pure Three Layered Cotton Softness

The Khasto baby wrap is handmade from three fine woven cotton layers. Only the middle layer is printed with a print or solid color. The outer layers remain white so that the print or color very subtly shines through the outer layers. As soft as it feels, that is how soft it looks thanks to the veiled effect. The three cotton layers create a perfect ventilation so Khasto always feels light and airy. The size of the sheet is 80cm x 80cm (31 by 31 inches) and suitable for babies up to 3 months old. With the Khasto your baby is wrapped in three soft layers of pure cotton softness.

Khasto, Traditional Quality and Fair Trade

Khasto represents an old textile tradition. In the 19th century the three layered fabric was used for shawls for princesses. Later this beautiful craft saw itself confronted with the flood of synthetic garments that emerged during the industrialization period. We wish to integrate traditional assets into a contemporary collection for babywear, bedding, nightwear and loungewear. The combination of exceptional softness and its subtle look makes Khasto a kingly cotton.

We love to share the soft beauty of Khasto with the world, but we also wish that the makers of our collection enjoy their work and life. The Khasto baby wrap is made in India in a workplace by highly specialized craftsmen. We invest in good working conditions and fair compensation for the workers, who in return provide us with their exceptional craftsmanship. Naturally we guarantee that there is no child labour involved in the manufacture process of Khasto products.