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Men’s Pyjamas

The merits of comfortable pyjamas we owe in many ways to India. Not only the wide designs and the fine woven fabrics, the word pyjama itself derives from India and the Hindi language. In India loose fitting trousers and wide tunics were popular long before the British brought them to Europe and the set of pyjamas was born. Initially pyjamas were worn only by men and served as comfortable loungewear during daytime. Only later did pyjamas also become much loved sleepwear. In the late 19th century, pyjamas became a symbol of status for men who could afford to wear clothing especially designed for recreational and intimate moments.

Pyjamas and Well-Being for Everyone

Today the benefits of pyjamas can be enjoyed by everyone, men, women, children and babies alike. They come in many designs, as a set or in one piece. Our Khasto pyjamas are loose, two-piece garments that emphasize a plain and classical design. With three layers of the finest cotton voile, Khasto pyjamas will elevate your sleeping experience. We refine textile processing for a unique cotton pyjama with a feel of cashmere. Our PJ’s are handmade and stand out with their comforting qualities and a gossamer voile fabric that is unique in the world.

Khasto Pyjamas Set for Men

  • 100% cotton
  • handmade, breathable set of pyjamas (top and pants)
  • three layers of a light and fine woven voile fabric
  • patterns and colours on middle layer become visible through the outer layers
  • loose-fitting design for optimum mobility during sleep
  • machine wash preferably with similar colours at 30 °C (86 °F)
  • do not tumble dry
  • can be ironed

Ethics and Craftsmanship Make for Quality Pyjamas

Khasto pyjamas are made in India in a workplace with people that we consider our friends. Not only do we strive to share high quality garments with the rest of the world, we also have a strong focus on ethical trading. The individual well-being is for the Khasto wearers and makers alike. We invest in proper working conditions and fair pay for the workers, who in return provide us with their exceptional craftsmanship.

Choose your preferred pyjamas from our collection and experience the cozy benefits not only when you sleep, but also during the day and your private moments at home.