Baby Onesie

Some garments endure centuries because they are so timeless and good. What is known these days as ‘onesie’ is originally called a baby’s romper or jumpsuit. The ‘overall’ has been known in Europe for a few centuries, and eventually also arrived in America in the 1900’s. Mainly used for sleeping it was also often used as playwear. The one-piece suit is ideal for little crawling, rolling, running children because they would be able to play without their clothes getting messy. Baby onesies stay in place no matter what happens. Today the onesie is very popular, also among adults. Not only as nightwear, but as a cool outfit during the day. Beyoncé and Rihanna show how it is done! Jus to be clear: it is a one-piece garment for both legs and body. A timeless outfit, ideal for growing babies. The Khasto onesie comes in one size and is suitable for babies two to six months old.

Khasto Jumpsuit - A Skin Friendly Vintage Onesie

A perfect gift for a new born baby is the Khasto onesie. With its classic design with collar, buttons and breast pocket the Khasto onesie takes you back to the days when everything was decent. No synthetic additions or loud colours. Khasto always has a very soft look because it contains three layers of fine woven cotton. The middle layers is printed or dyed in plain colours and shines through the outer layers. The gentle fabric provides a unique feeling of comfort due to the breathing effect of the three layers. The Khasto jumpsuit is ideal for the delicate baby skin and a beautiful blend of classic and contemporary baby clothing.

Traditional Quality and Fair Trade

Khasto represents a refined textile tradition. In the 19th century the three layered fabric was used for shawls for princesses. Later this beautiful craft saw itself confronted with the flood of synthetic garments that emerged during the industrialization period. We wish to integrate this beautiful heritage by applying the technique on a contemporary collection for babywear, bedding, nightwear and loungewear. The combination of exceptional softness and its subtle look makes Khasto a kingly cotton.

We love to share the soft beauty of Khasto with the world, but we also wish that the makers of our collection enjoy their work and life. The Khasto onesie is made in India in a workplace by highly specialized craftsmen. We invest in good working conditions and fair compensation for the workers, who in return provide us with their exceptional craftsmanship. Naturally we guarantee that there is no child labour involved in the manufacture process of Khasto products.