Nightgown for men

The Khasto nightgown features a classic three-quarter design. The nightgown features a small collar, long sleeves and an button tape.

The fabric we use is a fine, soft flowing voile fabric, that is made from 100% cotton. We layer the voile in threefold, in order to achieve a warm, but also an ideal temperature-regulating effect. The breathable and soft layers of the Khasto nightgown are skin friendly. The print or color on the middle layer, shimmers through the outer layers and provides for a smooth and charming finish.

    Traditional quality and fairtrade

    The Khasto nightgown represents assets of textile processing and is made by specialized workers. The voile is unique in the world, as its delicate texture adds a feel of cashmere to the pure cotton fabric. Due to its qualities, the voile even enjoyed royal status in 19th century. During the industrialization period, however, it saw itself confronted with a flood of synthetic garments that were lower in price and easier to mass produce. Our goal is to integrate traditional assets into a modern context of bedding, nightwear and home-wear.

    Next to providing high quality garments, we also have a strong focus on ethical trading. The individual well-being is for the Khasto wearers and makers alike. We invest in proper working conditions and fair pay for the workers, who in return provide us with their craftsmanship.