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Wallhanging - Tree of Life Floral Long Stitch


Wallhanging - Tree of Life Floral Long Stitch


Museum quality Tree of Life wallhanging variation with flowers, hand embroidered with a long stitch. The mythology of the Tree of Life varies globally, but overall, it represents a sacred tree which symbolises the concept of immortality. It is mentioned in the Book of Genesis, the Quran and the Torah. The Buddhist variation is the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. Given the origin of the work, which is the state of Gujarat in India, we believe it is inspired by the Tree of Life that is the symbol of the state's capital city, Ahmedabad, India’s first UNESCO World Heritage city. The Sidi Saiyyed mosque in Ahmedabad is decorated with a Tree of life, created in 1573 an extraordinary work of art in stone. It is carved in a stone screen called a 'jali', which allows light to enter the work from the opposite direction. It has since been an inspiration for many artists and travellers, such as the makers of this wallhanging.

  • 93 x 136cm
  • 36.5 x 53.5inch
  • Tree of life wallhanging
  • Comes without wooden mounting stick
  • Silk thread on cotton hand embroidered with a long stitch.
  • Museum quality piece, exceptional handwork