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Matani Pachedi wallhanging


Matani Pachedi wallhanging


Hand painted large wallhanging referred to as a 'Mata Ni Pachedi', estimated 1930's -1940's. It tells the story of how the exclusion of a community lead to a new textile art. The origin of the Mata Ni Pachedi is with the nomadic Vaghari community of Gujarat who were barred from entering temples, and for that reason they made their own shrines with depictions of the Mother Goddess on cloth. This creative solution is believed to be the origin of Mata ni Pachedi. Traditionally the Mata-Ni-Pachedi was painted on walls of temples (Mudh of Mata’s). The pachedi have a visual profile of stark colours in red, black and white. When the community was barred from the temples, they painted an image of the goddess and hung it up behind the temple and worshipped the painting. Mata-ni-Pachedis means ‘behind the goddess (temple)’.

  • 400 x 200cm
  • 157,5 x 79inch
  • Cotton antique wallhanging
  • Handpainted