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Men’s Sleepwear and Loungewear

Essential merits of sleepwear and loungewear the western man appreciates today were introduced from Asia. Generously tailored garments, made from light and delicate fabrics are part of a cultural heritage the West adopted and refined for a new purpose.

Men’s Pyjamas as luxury Lounge or Sleepwear

Pyjama meaning “leg garment” in the Hindi language, were loose-fitting pants worn by men in India during the day. Once introduced to the West the comfortable pants sparked enthusiasm. An additional top was added and the set of pyjamas was born. A new attire fulfilling a different need, best labelled as luxurious lounge or sleepwear. Initially it was a garment exclusively for those who could afford separate clothing worn only at home or to bed.

The Dressing Gown Defined as Loungewear for Prestigious Men

Similarly the European dressing gown for men borrowed features from Asia and was in the beginning, also referred to as Indian or Persian gown. Whereas many gowns were meant for public use the men’s dressing gown is best described as luxury lounge or homewear. Dazzling fabrics with lavish embroidery were generously tailored into robes for men with a certain status in society.

Khasto Sleepwear and Loungewear for Men

Fast forward into today’s world, Khasto proudly represents traditional values and craftsmanship and refines its garments for modern day use. Instead of prestigious looks, we underline inner beauty and well-being with simplicity. Layers of a unique, gossamer voile fabric lend our pure cotton garments a feel of cashmere and make them breathable and very soft.

Choose your preferred sleep and loungewear from our collection and enjoy quality time in one of our exceptional garments.