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Khasto's view on fair trade

Khasto works with local companies and individuals, particularly in Rajasthan, India. As Khasto feels a responsibility for the ecological consequences of the production process, we have a responsibility to the people we work with. Our standard in this area is that there are fair wages and healthy working conditions and that pride, and joy, are experienced in production. The workshops we work with consist of small teams of ten to twentyfive people. The people who work there have usually been associated with the company for a long time, with members of the same family often working together and transferring knowledge and skills to each other.

To achieve this, Khasto has signed cooperation agreements with its main suppliers, we regularly visit the workshops and have been working with the same companies for a long time, so that we have gotten to know them and their staff better. The people who work on Khasto products have a formal employment contract, they receive an above average wage, paid overtime and payment of wages in case of illness. The working conditions are safe and healthy, and there is a positive working atmosphere. The craftsmen and manufacturers can take care of their children and families and they can save money for their future.

With this working ethos, we are making sure that positive effects arise from the growth of the Khasto brand. When Khasto grows, the people we work with benefit from a stable, fair-paid job, develop their skills and they can be proud of their craft. The teams we work with become strongly bonded communities. As an example, one of our suppliers sells the left over fabrics, that we do not buy, on the local market for a low amount, and the proceeds are used to have periodical staff parties.