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The Khasto team

Khasto is an Indian-Dutch family business that has its origins in the 1980s. Khasto specializes in the many textile processing techniques that India has to offer. Gradually, Khasto started developing prints and using techniques to develop its own collections. These are the 'cotton cashmere collection' and the yearly changing blockprint collection. Characteristic of both collections is that they consist of several layers of soft, thin voile (cotton). The cotton cashmere collection is made of three layers. The pattern is printed on the middle layer and becomes visible through the outer layers, the outer layers remain unprinted and very soft. The blockprint collection consists of two layers, with a hand-printed print on the outside, and is therefore more colorful and it has one soft layer on the inside. You can read more about blockprint and Cotton Cashmere in our blog articles.

The team consists of Mileid, Julia, Carla, Hetty, Jasmijn, Tess and Charlotte. The daily and creative management lies with Rahul.

Khasto works closely with various local artisans, especially from the state of Rajasthan in North West India. The Khasto collection comes to life through their craftsmanship in cutting the blocks for the block prints, dyeing the fabric and sewing the products. Our collections are above all an ode to their skills and Indian art history.

Sustainability and quality are central to Khasto. We use 100% organically grown cotton and use various certificates, such as GOTS certification to also guarantee fair working conditions and responsible use of chemicals.

In addition to these two main collections, we offer a variety of smaller collections and unique pieces, such as vintage embroidered wall hangings, indigo, kantha, kalamkari, pique quilts, ajrak and suzani. In addition, you will find an assortment of body care products from the brand Santa Maria Novella from Florence, Italy.

is an Indian-Dutch family business that has its origins in the 1980’s when Aldegonda Uppal founded her store and wholesale 'Evenaar' (‘Equator’) in Bergen op Zoom. Two decades later, this company grew into the beloved store 'Bloom' on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. Her son Rahul, who started the website Khasto.com in 2007, also leads the store since 2018, when it was named 'Khasto'. Khasto is also delivers to various stores in The Netherlands and abroad, the locations of which can be found at the bottom of our web page. Our Dutch Khasto team consists of Mileid, Julia, Carla, Hetty, Jasmijn, Stefan, Tara, Tess, Charlotte and Rahul. 

But this team is only a part of Khasto. We would not be able to exist without the close ties with various local suppliers and artisans, especially from Rajasthan, India, with whom we work with for decades. Their craftsmanship, from cutting the blocks, the dyeing and printing of fabrics, to the cutting & stitching, is what brings the collection to life.