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Women's Loungewear and Nightwear

The use of nightwear and loungewear is defined by cultural and personal preferences. As loose and comfortable clothing, nightwear is primarily worn to bed, whereas loungewear is worn in and around the house. Nightwear conveys a feeling of privateness and intimacy, with loungewear you can casually answer the door, hang out with friends or even walk the dog.

In reality, however, women often use night and loungewear interchangeably and beyond their original purpose of use. Moreover, fashion trends reinvented the use of the garments over time and blurred the fine line between nightwear and loungewear.

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Pyjamas are, to many, the ideal attire to wear to bed, but are often referred to as loungewear. Traditionally, however, pyjamas were loose fitting pants worn outside during the day. ‘Pyjama’ meaning ‘leg garment’ in the Hindi language, was long before the west labeled the attire as lounge or sleepwear, the ideal daywear in warmer Asian climates. In Shanghai people wear pyjamas to go shopping, have dinner in a restaurant or meet friends in the park. And even in the west, celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Stella McCartney and Rihanna put PJ’s, as fashionable and nonchalant street-wear, on the map.

Dressing Gown and Robe

Robes come in many variations and are worn in- and outdoors, during formal and informal occasions. Whereas many robes are designed for official events, the robe ‘de chambre' is typical loungewear and synonymous to the dressing gown or housecoat. The kimono or yukata, traditionally from Japan, have similarities with the dressing gown and are worn at home as well as in public. Whereas the dressing gown is by some referred to as nightwear, it is best worn during leisure activities in familiar surroundings.


The nightgown or nightshirt is the oldest garment used as nightwear. Originally plain and simple in form, many variations and designs have emerged over time. From floor-length, embellished nightdresses to hip-length, tight-fitting nighties, the nightgown emphasizes intimacy and privateness and is best distinguished as night or sleepwear.

Khasto Nightwear and Loungewear for Women

We offer a unique collection of nightwear and loungewear for women. Loose-fitting pyjamas, convenient and supple nightgowns, as well as light and comfortable dressing gowns. We layer a sheer, woven voile in threefold to provide breathability and a comfy temperature for your skin. The voile has a very gentle texture and is made from pure, premium quality cotton.

Choose your preferred night and loungewear from our collection and enjoy quality time in one of our exceptional garments.

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