Pendal / choker blue sapphire with diamonds, silver

Pendal / choker blue sapphire with diamonds, silver

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The pendals are made of silver or gold plated, for decoration diamonds are used or (semi) precious stones.

This collection of jewelry is inspired by the Victorian style and was made in India.

Victorian jewelry inherits its name to British Queen Victoria, who ruled the United Kingdom from 1837 until 1901. Victorian Jewelry had nature, history and emotion as a common theme, serving as an expression of feelings in a time of formality. This period ran parallel to the Industrial Revolution, en the emergence of a broader interest in jewelry, where it had been previously accessible for a social elite. Gems were cast in silver with diamonds, and finished with gold or gold plate. One can find Etruscan, Egyptian and Roman influences in the style of jewelry that later came to be known as Victorian jewelry.

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