Khasto is a family business that has its origin in the 1980´s. The background of the family has its roots both in Holland and in North India. We offer a wide variety of traditional textile techniques in wool, cotton and silk products, and we are closely involved with the production process that we keep and promote locally in North India. The design of our collection is 100% unique, and is kept in-house. Through Khasto, the various skills of craftsmen and women, in the techniques that need production for survival, are represented in our store, ensuring continuity with above average wages and working conditions. We design anything from tablecloths and lampshades, quilts to bedding, summerwear outdoor and sleepwear indoor, to accessories. This is what Khasto as a company has come to stand for.

Our staff has a long history of working in development projects in India and we donate to foundations such as Rumahedi Foundation and Duniya Foundation. Some of the projects that our head designer Gon has set up over the years still exist today. 

Currently the team consists of Rahul Uppal, Charlotte Helsen in Amsterdam. In our physical store at the Prinsengracht 272 in Amsterdam the team consists of Gon Uppal, Mileid Rahder and Hetty Oster.