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Bedding and Soft Cotton Layers for a Healthy Sleep

Sleeping in Khasto bedding is a unique and pleasant experience. Good sleep is very important and everyone has its own personal sleeping recipe. How you feel during the day, is strongly influenced by how you sleep during the night. Mental and physical health benefit from sound sleep. It improves your memory, your immune system and stimulates your creativity. All the more reason to take your sleeping conditions into serious consideration.

No matter what you wish to wear or how naked you want to be in bed, our cotton bedding provide you with an unparalleled level of comfort. Four layers of a gossamer cotton voile engulf your skin with a soft feel of cashmere. Our bed linen are skin friendly and breathable and maintain a pleasant climate under your duvet.


Pure Cotton Duvet Cover and Pillowcases

Khasto bedding sets are made from pure quality cotton. They consist of a duvet cover and pillowcases and we offer Khasto bedding sets in different sizes. The duvet cover and pillowcases are double-layered with a sheer voile fabric. The voile layers are white and transparent and the top layer smoothly reveals filigree patterns and colours block printed on the layer below. The veiled prints always look subtle and soft. Khasto comforter covers are perfect for a bedroom where you wish to rest. The bedding collection is available in a variety of prints, so there is a beautiful fit for every bedroom interior.

Khasto bedding sets are available in the following sizes:

Bedding set 1 person - normal

1 x duvet cover 140 x 200 cm / 56 x 79 inch
1 x pillow case (choose size)

Bedding set 1 person - large

1 x duvet cover 140 x 220 cm / 56 x 87 inch
1 x pillow case (choose size)

Bedding set 1 person - extra large

1 duvet cover 155 x 220 cm / 61 x 87 inch
1 x pillow case (choose size)

Bedding set 2 persons - King Size, Lits Jumeaux

1 x duvet cover 240 x 220 cm / 95 x 87 inch
2 x pillow case (choose size)

available pillow case sizes:

pillow case 50 x 75 cm / 20 x 30 inch
pillow case 65 x 65 cm / 26 x 26 inch
pillow case 80 x 80 cm or 80 x 40 cm / 32 x 32 or 32 x 16 inch
pillow case 70 x 50 cm / 28 x 20 inch

Product Features

  • handmade duvet cover and pillowcase/s
  • 100% premium-quality cotton
  • available with different prints and measurements
  • double-layered gossamer voile fabric
  • breathable, skin friendly and exceptionally soft
  • filigree patterns printed on the bottom layer subtly shine through
  • machine wash, preferably with similar colours, at 30 °C (86 °F)
  • do not tumble dry
  • can be ironed

Traditional Quality and Fairtrade

In the 19th century, the delicate voile fabric was layered and used for shawls for princesses. Later, however, this precious way of apparel making saw itself confronted with the flood of synthetic garments that emerged during the industrialisation period. Synthetic garments are easier to mass produce for a lower price, yet we continue to maintain and refine this beautiful tradition. It is the uniqueness and quality of the bedding and garments that we believe in. Khasto products have a natural and soft feel that is unparalleled.

As we strive to always give you the best sleeping experience, we also wish for the makers of our collection to enjoy their work and life. Khasto bed linen are handmade in India in a workplace with highly specialized individuals. We invest in good working conditions and fair pay for the workers, who in return provide us with their exceptional craftsmanship.