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Khasto Sheets for Breezy Slumber

The Khasto bed sheets are ideal for warmer nights. When it is too warm for a blanket or duvet, but you still wish to be covered. The breathing layers make sure you will also sleep soundly during summer nights. Good night rest is important for both our mental and physical health. Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post, reminds us in a TED talk of the importance of rest. We can sleep our way to success, she says, as we become more productive, happy and make better decisions after a good night’s sleep. These are good reasons to consider your bedding to create the best conditions for optimum sleep during all seasons.

Khasto bed sheets will elevate your sleeping comfort. Entirely wrapped in fine woven, breathable cotton, you are glad to go to bed and sleep underneath your Khasto sheet every night. Getting out of bed might be a problem though, as you wish to remain touched by Khasto’s softness for just a little longer. The airy Khasto sheet facilitates a breezy slumber during warm summer nights.

Pure Cotton Sheets with Delicate Prints

Khasto bedding is made from 100 % cotton. Without any synthetic fibres, you sleep under pure nature. The double sheet is 270 x 270cm (106 x 106 inches), and comes with two pillow cases measuring 70 x 60cm (27 x 23 inches). The single sheet is 170 x 270cm (66 x 106 inches). Thanks to the veiled effect, Khasto prints always look subtle and soft, perfect for a bedroom where you wish to rest. The bedding collection is available in a variety of prints, so there is a beautiful fit for every bedroom interior.

Khasto, Traditional Quality and Fair trade

Khasto represents an old textile tradition. In the 19th century the three layered fabric was used as shawls by princesses. Later this beautiful craft saw itself confronted with the flood of synthetic garments that emerged during the industrialisation period. We wish to continue this beautiful tradition by applying the technique on a contemporary collection for babywear, bedding, nightwear and loungewear. The combination of exceptional softness and its subtle look makes Khasto a kingly cotton.

We love to share the soft beauty of Khasto with the world but we also wish for the makers of our collection to enjoy their work and life. The Khasto sheet is made in India in a workplace by highly specialized craftsmen. We invest in good working conditions and fair compensation for the workers, who in return provide us with their exceptional craftsmanship. Naturally we guarantee that there is no child labour involved in the manufacture process of Khasto products.