Baby Pyjamas

Khasto baby pyjamas are ideal for growing, sleeping and moving babies. The design of Khasto pyjamas is wide, so the baby can wear it for a long time. First the shirt and the pants are quite wide and long. An advantage of being a baby is that you can wear your pyjamas at night and during the day. And the real lucky babies get to wear the super soft Khasto pyjamas made of three fine layers of cotton. Khasto pyjamas can be used as nightwear but also look lovely as a summer outfit. Wonderful pyjamas for your baby or gift for a newborn.

The Finest Cotton for your Baby

Khasto pyjamas are made from 100% cotton, are skin friendly and lasting. The baby skin is delicate and sensitive. Especially babies with skin diseases like eczema or allergies benefit from airy cotton pyjamas without synthetic additives. Cotton naturally breathes and does not close off the skin. Fine woven cotton enhances the breathing effect of the fabric and makes it feel light on the skin.

Khasto Pyjamas

Khasto consists of three fine layers of voiles that are carefully stitched together. A unique fabric with a very comfortable feel. The inner layer is printed with a color or print but the outer layers remain white. The outer layers make skin contact and are especially soft.

Khasto, Traditional Quality & Fair Trade

Khasto represents an old textile tradition. In the 19th century the three layered fabric was used for shawls for princesses. Later this beautiful craft saw itself confronted with the flood of synthetic garments that emerged during the industrialisation period. We wish to integrate this beautiful heritage by applying the technique on a contemporary collection for babywear, bedding, nightwear and loungewear. The combination of exceptional softness and its subtle look makes Khasto a kingly cotton.

We love to share the soft beauty of Khasto with the world but we also wish that the makers of our collection enjoy their work and life. Khasto baby pyjamas are made in India in a workplace with highly specialized craftsmen. We invest in good working conditions and fair compensation for the workers, who in return provide us with their exceptional craftsmanship. Naturally we guarantee that there is no child labour involved in the manufacture process of Khasto products.