Khasto Baby Sheets and Blankets

Khasto baby sheets are light and soft and make for a comfy summer blanket during sticky summer nights. A newborn baby spends a lot of time on its back. And naturally sleeps a lot during that time too. Comforting blankets and sheets are a must for a healthy sleep. With Khasto baby sheets your baby sleeps under a cloud of softness. The sheets can be used for the cradle or bassinet, but are also easy to travel with. They can be used as a curtain over the pram, as a changing sheet or simply to lie or play on. Chance are that the Khasto blanket will end up as your baby’s favourite cuddle cloth..

Pure and Soft Khasto Cotton

Light Khasto baby blankets and sheets are handmade from three fine woven cotton layers. Only the middle layer is printed or dyed. The outer layers remain white and let the print or color subtly shines through. Khasto baby blankets and sheets are temperature regulating, skin friendly and soft. The veiled effect of the layered cotton makes for a charming look. Khasto baby blankets and sheets measure 110 cm x 150 cm (43 by 59 inches), a perfect size for a cradle or bassinet. With Khasto you wrap your baby in light and pure cotton softness.

Khasto, Traditional Quality and Fair Trade

Khasto represents and refined textile art. In the 19th century the three layered fabric was used for shawls for princesses. Later this beautiful craft saw itself confronted with the flood of synthetic garments that emerged during the industrialization period. We wish to integrate this beautiful heritage by applying the technique on a contemporary collection for babywear, bedding, nightwear and loungewear. The combination of exceptional softness and its subtle look makes Khasto a kingly cotton.

We love to share the soft beauty of Khasto with the world, but we also wish that the makers of our collection enjoy their work and life. Our baby blankets and sheets are made in India in a workplace by highly specialized craftsmen. We invest in good working conditions and fair compensation for the workers, who in return provide us with their exceptional craftsmanship.