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Khasto was founded in 2009. Our aim is to make the Khasto collection, that consists of one of a kind, largely handmade textile products, accessible for a larger audience. Currently the team consists of Rahul Uppal, Charlotte Helsen and Eva ter Denge in Amsterdam. Miguel Brugman is our agent for Greece and Cyprus. Natasja Goedemans with her agency Hemels Leven is the wholesale agent for Dutch shops. Our physical store at the Prinsengracht 272 in Amsterdam is run by Gon Uppal, Paula Weilers, Mileid Rahder and Hetty Oster. You can find the shops selling our products under 'Store Locator'.
Khasto is a cotton fabric also referred to as 'the cotton cashmere'. It consists of three layers of the finest voile, of which the middle layer is printed or solid colour, and becomes visible through the outer layers. Our Khasto products are unique designs by and for Khasto and Bloom Amsterdam, and are largely handmade. Because the outer layers remain unpainted and unprinted, Khasto cotton remains exceptionally soft. The result is a unique level of wearing- and sleeping comfort. It has the feel of cashmere, and the advantages of cotton. That combination makes it ideal for luxury bedding, nightwear for men and women, kids- and babyclothing. 
We find it important to trade ethically which means, to us, that we have insight into the origin of the cotton, the people who are involved in the production process, and that we donate a part of our profits to small foundations. We want to support development projects based on cultural awareness and personal involvement. In the production process of our Khasto products, there is no child labour involved. If you have a suggestion for a foundation or project that needs support, please contact us: Currently, we support Rumahedi Foundation and Duniya Foundation.

Duniya Foundation

Khasto is a sponsor of the Duniya Foundation, a small organization that delivers great work. Focused on education, nutrition, care and independence, the foundation collaborates with local social workers to make sure the improvements are sustainable. In India and Vietnam, Duniya Foundation coordinates several projects. In Varanasi (India) in the slum Nagwa, one of the initiatives is the establishment of the sewing studio Duniya Decoration. A group of women works hard here to create beautiful handmade products that are sold through the webshop of the foundation. By selling for example very pretty baby blankets, the women are ensured of a modest but regular income. Do have a look on the website for the webshop and all the amazing projects!